Abraham 'Lure' Harrison is the sixth quote and the fifth speaker, due to Gordon Falkenberg being quoted twice. Harrison is quoted before the scenario Invert.


Harrison is a historian and is apparently quite knowledgeable about the Emergence Event. He says that the first five AI's, that is Thomas, Chris, John, Claire and Laura, are given credit for the event and that James and Sarah are usually forgotten.


As a historian, he is knowledgeable about the past. He also possesses writing skills, as he is a published author with a book entitled "Paradigm Shift."



"The initial five are usually given credit for the emergence. People forget the later architects. The AIs who made the event possible. They saved Thomas, and set him on the path to his destiny."


  • His nickname is "Lure" for some unknown reason
    • He is the only speaker who has a nickname