Benjamin e seu pai

Benjamin (above) and his father

Benjamin is a young turquoise square who was introduced in the Benjamin's Flight DLC. He has a jetpack, which was made by his father, enabling him to fly. He moves fast and jumps okay. He was a prototype AI; he was special because he developed the trait of hope, which lead him to seek to enter the Fountain of Knowledge, believing that life would be better, or at least more interesting, once he did this. In this quest, he was aided by his ability to fly, and accompanied by the pessimistic Anna, who only helped him unwillingly, having attempted to get to the Fountain before herself, and been repelled by the clouds that protected it, and a young Sarah, who was deeply impressed by Benjamin's jetpack, quickly developing a sense of awe that saw her first become "a cool purple fangirl", and later, to consider herself a genuine disciple of Benjamin, destined to help him reach the Fountain. After being abandoned by Anna, Benjamin and Sarah proceed onward to the Fountain, but when Benjamin is finally able to enter it, he is overwhelmed by the majesty of what he sees in it, and rendered blind from the experience, not being as advanced as Thomas, the only other AI known to have entered the Fountain. In the last level of the DLC, a distraught Sarah mentions he's "stuck up there", and dedicates herself to returning to the Fountain to find out what happened to Benjamin. It is unknown what happened to him after that.

Personality Edit

Benjamin is mostly portrayed as somewhat rebellious and adventurous, ignoring his father and Anna's warnings. He quickly developed a friendship with Sarah, taking great pride in trying to impress her with his jetpack.

Trivia Edit

  • Benjamin likes sandwiches.
  • He was referenced by Sarah in the statement "...Maybe she'd find one of those curves that blind Square had spoken of"
  • Benjamin is the only known AI with a relative.
  • He was the first AI to develop hope (“Long before Thomas-AT-23-6-12 there were other AIs. They were prototypes, tests. We were shocked when one amongst thousands developed a powerful trait: Hope.”) and to visit the fountain, and also the one who released the splitters.
  • Because of his rebellious nature and mention of being young, it's speculated he's somewhere in his teens.