Benjamin's Father (below) and his son

"Benjamin's father motioned to the switches he'd made, told him to fly to them. Slowly, though."

Benjamin's Father appears in the DLC Benjamin's Flight. His real name is never spoken, but Benjamin's Father is a medium-sized, yellow square that moves at Claire's pace and jumps similarly to Chris. He and his son Benjamin are the only cubes that are shown having a familial relationship with another character in the game. He seems to be proficient in inventing, since he made the Benjamin's jetpack and the switches for him to press as flight training.

Benjamin's Flight Edit

Benjamin's Father would go with Benjamin every cycle to look at the Fountain of All Knowledge in the distance, but at unspecified point, he thought of an idea for a jetpack. 1,831 cycles after he is first introduced, he finishes the jetpack, making at least 27 versions before coming up with the final device. After Benjamin's successful test flight, Benjamin's father kept it behind locked doors, surrounded by spikes and padlocked, but Benjamin stole it rather easily while his father was preparing dinner. By the time Benjamin made it half way to the Fountain, it was assumed that his Father would have noticed his absence by then. Benjamin seemed to think that while his Father would be upset about Benjamin taking the jetpack, he would also be proud of him for reaching the Fountain all by himself. Whether this would have been true or not is unknown; in the end, Benjamin was blinded by the Fountain and separated from his companions Anna and Sarah, and while Benjamin intended to try and find his way back to his Father the next day, it is unknown what happened to him, or if he was ever reunited with his Father.

Personality Edit

While he isn't a major character, through his actions it is shown that Benjamin's Father cares deeply about his son and only wants to keep him safe. He seems to be rather intelligent as he made a jetpack and facilities for its use, as well as building several security systems to protect the jetpack while it was not in use.

Trivia Edit

- He doesn't like sandwich crusts