Thomas about to press a button in the Rain

Buttons occur throughout the game. Many of them move certain black platforms while others raise or lower water in the current level. They first appear in the level 1.3.


Regular buttons are small rectangles that are attatched to either the floor, a wall or a ceiling. Unlike colored buttons, regular buttons only come in one color, which is white. They are described by Chris as a "glowing, white...thing," suggesting that normal buttons glow. Regular buttons appear to work in water, much like blue colored buttons.


In order to activate a button, any character must either step on it or push against it. it does not matter from which direction it is hit from to activate it.

Special ButtonsEdit

Some buttons may be located in toxic water. Only Claire is able to activate these buttons because of her bouyancy abilities.


Buttons usually move platforms or sets of spikes. Some can raise or lower the water in a certain level. Other buttons can reveal portals hidden behind a block or blocks.