Claire helps John and Thomas across a pool of toxic water.

Claire is the first female character introduced in the game, and fourth overall. She first appears in level 2.1 atop a series of lowering platforms.


Claire appears as a large, blue square; she is the largest of all the playable characters.


Claire's jumping ability is very poor, as well as her movement on land. However, she can float in toxic water, though it is dangerous to the rest of the cast. This skill is used in many levels she is in.


Claire initially feels useless because she is slow and cannot jump very high, but once she finds out that she can float, her attitude about herself changes completely. She feels obligated to be honest and protect the others and has a very caring and brave personality. She is also shown to be a bit of a nerd, as she makes many references to comic books and suchlike throughout the game.

"Super Claire"Edit

Claire, believing herself to be a super heroine, makes plans to be a full on super hero after she discovers that she can float in water, which is dangerous to all other AI's. She also claims in the scenario Array, 2.8, that she has "heightened senses," which she uses to analyse the current situation with shifting platformsShe starts making plans about being a superhero, like wanting a cape and a name as well as considering Thomas for a sidekick. She even considers Chris as a nemesis, calling him "Diabolical Chris" and "The Fiendish Christopher," though she eventually chooses their own world and its dangers as her nemesis. She says that spikes are her Kryptonite, her weakness.