A yellow, orange, red, blue and pink button all lined up.

Colored buttons occur throughout the game. Many of them move certain black platforms while others raise or lower water levels in the scenario.


Colored buttons are small rectangles attatched to either a wall, a floor or a ceiling. They are very similar to regular buttons. There are seven types of colored buttons:


Only Thomas can activate red colored buttons.


Only Chris can activate orange colored buttons.


Only John can activate yellow colored buttons.


Only Claire can activate blue colored buttons. Claire can float in water and because of this, some blue buttons can be found submerged, which means that either all colored buttons can work in water or only blue colored buttons are able to work in water.


Only Laura can activate pink colored buttons.


Only James can activate green colored buttons. Due to James having reverse gravity, most green colored buttons are on the ceiling or higher places.


Only Sarah can activate purple colored buttons. Somtimes, in order to activate her button, she must use her double jump to reach it and push it.


In order to activate a certain colored button, a character that is the same color must step on it. An example is that if there is a yellow button, only John can press it. If a character that is not the same color tries to press it, nothing happens and they just stand on it.


Colored buttons usually move platforms or sets of spikes. Some can raise or lower the water in a certain level. Other colored buttons can reveal portals hidden behind a block.