Floating Platforms are black platforms that appear to be buoyant enough to float on top of pools and vats of toxic water.


Floating Platforms are constructed out of the same black material as normal platforms and staircases. The only major difference is that these can float, while other platforms stay in their same position in or out of water.


Some floating platforms move across the water's surface. These are used to carry characters across the dangerous water to another platform.They are used to reached different locations of the level, and even ride straight into the portal. These kinds of floating platforms have much in common with shifting platforms. Some move in quick, jerky moves, while others move more smooth and slower.

Special Shifting PlatformsEdit

Throughout the game, there are different types of floating platforms that the characters encounter and require a different approach than that of the one used for normal lowering platforms.

Inactive Floating PlatformsEdit

Some floating platform require the use of a buttons or colored buttons to activate. These floating platforms may only move once and not again, or they continue to move back and forth over the water's surface, able to be used more than once to transport a character.