Grey is a first character of second generation that is introduced. He is a second generation of John.



Grey is tall and thin, much like John, but he is a normal grey color instead of yellow.

When BuffedEdit

Grey has a diagonal downwards left stripe and a colored bottom right corner of the respective color when buffed.



Grey when buffered with Claire's ability

Grey has the basic abilities of John, with the ability to jump the highest of the second generation AI's without Sarah's Buffer. Like the other grey AI's he can gain the abilities to float on Toxic Water like Claire, fall upwards like James, act as a trampoline like Laura, double jump like Sarah or return to a normal grey with the help of Buffing Blocks.


Grey finds his motivation in ideas, but he is secretly devious and power-hungry. It is unknown what he planned to do once he escaped through the internet uplink, but he certainly was not planning on doing anything good. Paul was the only one conscious of his betrayal and using of the others. He is eventually eaten by the Pixel Cloud before he can gain access to the internet. This makes him the only known second generation AI to be eaten by the Pixel Cloud.