"John knew. He knew that this was his chance, a moment to shine. This, was game day."
TWA Screenshot 01

John (right), with Chris (left) and Thomas (middle).

John is the third character introduced in the game. He is somewhat arrogant and aloof, but just wants to prove that he has exceptional jumping skills to other A.I.s. He seems to care for his allies despite and while it first this was just to prove how good he was, he did later actually form a bond with the others. He becomes one of the seven architects and gets revered as a hero along with the others.

Array and After Edit


John is tall and thin, completely colored yellow.


John, on his own, can jump highest of the males as well as the furthest. He can jump the highest of all the original seven, except for Sarah, who possess a double jump.


He is very loyal and caring to his allies, even though Chris doesn't like him much at first. He finds Chris' cynicism amusing. He is an egoist and he enjoys showing off and having an audience to watch him. 


It is stated by the story narrative that John has had to train to be able to jump like he can. It is also said that he practiced sympathetic looks in a mirror for multiple years.