TWA Screenshot 02

Laura (top) with Chris (bottom).

Laura is the second female character to be introduced in-game, the first being Claire and the fifth character introduced overall. She first appears in the scenario Associations 3.1.


Laura, like John, is a narrow rectangle, except that she is pink and horizontal. Being thin, she is able to slide through smaller gaps than other characters.


Laura, despite her poor jumping ability, gives the others a boost; in other words, she is used as a trampoline.


Laura is a depressive AI who suffers from low self esteem due to her belief that everyone she meets abandons her. It is stated throughout the part of the game you have her, she met many AI's that were eaten by the Pixel Cloud that follows her and uses her as bait. Despite this, Chris falls in love with her and, after getting over her nervousness, she clings to him eagerly.


  • Laura and Chris have a mutual love for each other.
  • The Pixel Cloud follows her and has eaten many of the AI's she had travelled with before the events of the game.