When Thomas is connected to the internet, though for only twelve seconds, he mentions multiple internet memes to Sarah, James and the others. He mentions that he had seen "Cats who couldn't spell" first, which is a reference to LOLcats.



The infamous "Arrow to the Knee" meme

The second internet meme that Thomas mentions originates from the game Skyrim. Thomas references the Skyrim meme, wherein a guard tells the player "I used to be an  adventurer like you. But then I took an arrow to the knee," when talked to. Back in the time in which Skyrim takes place, this was another way of saying that a man or woman had gotten married. Thomas references this meme by saying he had learned all about the "Arrow through the knee," after talking about the LOLcats and before mentioning the cake from the Portal games.


Not to be confused with Portal


The cake that Thomas mentions from the game Portal.

Thomas mentions a popular meme from Portal, where GLaDOS tells the player that there will be cake after the tests, but a later warning says that "the cake is a lie." Thomas references this, saying "He felt there was probably a thing called cake, but it was a lie."

Nathan FillionEdit

Thomas mentions that even though he wants to, he will never meet Nathan Fillion, a Canadian actor.


Thomas, as he and the others prepare to become architects, notes that he will never be able to meet a Transformer, a clear reference to the popular show and toys by the same name.

Gotham CityEdit

Thomas mentions the city that Batman usually operates from.


Mooby's is a popular restraunt that Thomas wished to eat at.