Paul is part of the second generation along with Jo, Grey, and Sam. Not much is known about Paul apart from that he is a rectangle like Grey. He is the only second generation shape that is not the same as one Architect. He is apparently old, as Grey calls him "old man" prior to and after betraying him.



Paul in his first levels

He is a short rectangle who is wider than he is tall, although not as wide as Laura. He is a dark grey colour, though not as dark as Jo.


Paul possesses many of the abilities of Chris, in that he has a very low jump when compared to the other AI's. He, like the other grey AI's, are able to use Buffing Blocks to gain the abilities to float on Toxic Water like Claire, fall upwards like James, act as a trampoline like Laura, double jump like Sarah or return to a normal grey.



  • He appears to be the only AI who realises that Grey means to betray them all.
  • He tries to warn Jo, Sam and Team Jump.
  • He isn't eaten by the pixel cloud but never shows up again.