The first level in Purge.

Purge is the title of the fifth section of the game. This section follows the current five characters as they make their way through the mazes and face the hungry Pixel Cloud.

Opening QuoteEdit

“No simulation can support too many entities. At a certain point, something has to give. If Thomas-AT-23-6-12 hadn’t possessed those exact personality traits, it’s likely the story would have ended there. We’d still be in business.”

- Gordon Falkenberg, Former CTO of Artificial Life Solutions


Thomas notes that the hovering pixel cloud strikes him as "bad." This is confirmed, when he is "eaten" by the cloud. Chris, despite not liking Thomas initially, misses him and feels guilty for his disappearence. Chris dwells on the topic before being eaten himself after a long fall. Laura starts to realize that the other AI's did not abandon her, but were taken by the cloud and realizes that she had been the bait and was no longer needed as the Pixel Cloud takes her as well. John and Claire are the only ones remaining and while Claire vows vengeance, John knows that there is no point. As they approach the next portal, John actually wishes to be the next one, not wanting to be alone. Claire is the next victim, leaving only John. Finally, without an audience, John is taken.




Each AI must press the colored buttons that is the same color as them to lift a black gate and reach their respective portals.


Chris must enter a small passage to press a button and activate a rising platform to press more buttons to reveal platforms for john to climb. Thomas, Laura and Claire must work together using a lowering platforms to advance to their portals. After reaching them, Thomas is eaten by the Pixel Cloud.


Chris, to his surprise, misses Thomas and questions if he is still alive elsewhere.


Chris is found falling in a large chasm lined with dangerous Spikes, still wondering about Thomas. After he finds his portal, he too is eaten by the Pixel Cloud.





John and Claire find themselves in a room with toxic water and a spiked wall that is moving towards them, slowly speeding up by the minute. They eventually reach the end, but when they get there, Claire is eaten.


Similar to level 4.8, but instead the wall is going up, and in its place there is a pool of toxic water. Also, John is obviously alone.