Chris after using a rising platform next to John.

Rising Platforms are a point of intrest in the game and they appear frequently throughout.


Rising Platforms are constructed out of the same black material as normal platforms and staircases. The only difference is that these platform move, often in a patterned motion. Some rising platforms are anchored to the ground, while others are free floating


Rising platforms do just as they are called: They rise. Characters can use these platforms to reach higher areas of the level to progress closer to the portal. Some rising platforms move slowly while others tend to rise quickly. Despite their speed, rising platforms usually have a rhythmic pattern of movement.

Special Rising PlatformsEdit

Throughout the game, there are different types of rising platforms that the characters encounter and require a different approach than that of the one used for normal rising platforms.

Inactive Rising PlatformsEdit

Some rising platform require the use of a buttons or colored buttons to activate. These rising platforms often only rise once and do not lower again.

Inverted Rising PlatformsEdit

These types of "rising platforms" are usually only for James' use. These rising platforms are more closely related to lowering platforms and they allow James to progress further in his parts of a certain level.

Spiked Rising PlatformsEdit

These rising platforms are hazardous as they have spikes attached to them. If Thomas, Laura and the others are not careful, these rising platforms move into the character and kill them upon contact. These can be avoided by using simple timing.