These security guards previously worked for Artificial Life Solutions under the head security guard Joey Numli. They are mentioned in his quote when he says "We evacuated the facility...," The 'We' he mentions referring to multiple security guards that worked within the facility.


Joey Numli explains in his quote that when the 'emergence event' happened, no one was sure what to expect. The other guards and he set about taking precautions to protect everyone else at Artificial Life Solutions.


The other guards helped Joey Numli with taking precautions to protect people that were in the bulding. Their jobs included helping with:

Cutting WiresEdit

  • They aided in cutting off the connection wires.


  • Joey Numli and the guards helped to evacuate the facility in case 'the worst' should happen, which they suspected may have been dangerous to the people working in the facility. They evacuated everyone from throughout the entire building on all floors.


  • They made sure that neccessary doors were securely locked tight for precaution.