Laura's, Sarah's, and Claire's shifter fields along with a neutral grey field

Shifters are the result of tampering with the world by the Architects. They are fields floating in the air that visually consist of diagonal stripes, which shift the nature of any AI that passes through them, and the effect is shown as a series of coloured stripes on the AI's body. The colour of these stripes corresponds to the ability the AI has received. Pink makes the top surface of the AI bouncy, inheriting Laura's trampoline ability, blue makes the AI resistant to water and able to swim, inheriting Claire's "superpower", purple gives the AI the ability to double jump, inheriting Sarah's signature move, green causes the AI to fall up instead of down, inheriting James' "unique disregard for Newtonian laws", and finally, grey will shift the AI back to his or her original state and take away any abilities he or she currently possesses. The stripe for grey shifters, which is dark grey, only shows visually in water.