Spawn is the title of the first section of the game. It introduces Thomas as well as the Story Narrative and the basic instructions for the game, such as moving, jumping and portals.

Opening QuoteEdit

“The program was a failure. People forget this. It was a massive flop. The coders started adding name strings to the AIs as a joke. “Thomas-AT-23-6-12” wasn’t special, it was just an AI in the right place at the right time.”

Gordon Falkenberg, Former CTO of Artificial Life Solutions


"Thomas was alone." Is the first line spoken by the Story Narrative and where the player takes control of Thomas for the first time. Thomas lists his observations such as being alone, the different portals and that he is very good at falling. When he comes to a block he cannot fall past, he learns to jump and "solve the great inverted fall mystery."

He notes that the world pushes him, but is also dangerous and cannot be trusted, as demonstrated by the toxic water. The portals continue, leading him "up and to the right" The world grows more and more complex, he notes, as he moves on, creating a theory that the world is training him, making him smarter.  The lonliness starts getting to him towards the end.


  • Thomas
  • Story Narrative
  • Gordon Falkenberg



It is a flat surface with a portal a short distance away.


The second section is falling down multiple platforms to the ground, where the portal awaits.


This section introduces jumping with the Great Inverted Fall Mystery. Thomas must get over a block and then up a short staircase to the portal.


This section has Thomas in a box with a larger jump and a step to retry if Thomas jumps short of the platform with the portal.


This is the first time toxic water is encountered. As Thomas makes his way towards the portal, the platforms drop away one by one as he leaves them.


A staircase, followed by jumping from one platform to another awaits in this section, the portal being located up and to the right.


Multiple platforms must be climbed in order to reach the portal after a short staircase.


Four platforms sit independant from each other in toxic water, a respawn point being located on the second platform. Thomas must jump over the water to each platform to reach the portal on the final one.


The ninth section sees Thomas jumping up and navigating multiple floating blocks to reach the portal in the top right hand corner.


The final portion had Thomas jump over some dangerous water and then make his way across many rising and falling elevator platforms, finally reaching the portal.