Claire avoiding dangerous spikes.

Spikes are a common hazard throughout the game. They are first encountered in the scenario Array, 2.4.


Spikes are small triangles lined up in a row on the floor, on a wall or on the ceiling. They are very sharp and come to a point with a dangerous tip. They are fatal to all playable characters.


All characters, that is Architects like Thomas, Claire or James, or second generation characters, like Paul or Grey, are unable to go overtop of spikes. Upon touching spikes, the character will die instantly.

Special SpikesEdit

Some spikes are attatched to a shifting platform which may move over a character and destroy them by running into them. These can be easily avoided though, with proper timing.


The only way to trump spikes is to jump over them and avoid them entirely. Since no charcter is safe around them, there is no way to prevent them from harming the characters, unless a button is pressed that shifts the spikes away.

Avoiding Special SpikesEdit

In order to avoid spikes that are attatched to rising platformslowering platforms or shifting platform, the player must use timing to pass beneath the spikes or jump over the spikes, depending on how they are located.