Staircases are described as "a staple" in the game. They appear very frequently in many levels.


Staircases are often constructed from the same black material as all other blocks are. They are like multiple blocks stacked upon each other.

Special StaircasesEdit

Tall StaircasesEdit

Some staircases are much too tall for the characters, or a certain character with low jumping abilities, such as Chris, Laura or Claire, to climb by themselves. With certain strategizing, these obstacles can be overcome.

Some tall staircases are so large, and occasionally spread, that only Sarah or a grey AI, such as Jo or Paul, with her ability can progress up them with a double jump.

Upsidedown StaircasesEdit

James often runs into his own staircases which are flipped and lead from the ceiling. Usually, these are managable on his own as it is hard for the others to help him with such things.


Staircases can be overtaken simply by jumping up them. To pass special staircases, the player must have one or more characters stacked on top of one another in order to get all members of the current level up the staircase.


  • In some levels, Thomas and John are required to line up and create a makeshift staircase for Chris to access a certain area.
  • Claire had to be informed about the staircases from the others when she first encountered them. This occurs in scenario 2.5