In the early stages of the game, Thomas encounters an obstacle that is unfamiliar to him. Initially, he does not know how to overcome it, but in the end, manages to surpass it.


Thomas gains awareness in Spawn 0.1. From here, he begins listing his observations. He notes that he is alone, information about portals and how he was very good at falling. Being only aware for a certain amount of time, he believes that he will be able to "fall" past all obstacles that stand in his way. That is until he goes through the portal to scenario Spawn 0.3.


Thomas finds a large block set before him. He finds it interesting that he is unable to "fall past this block." Thomas begins thinking, trying to come up with solutions to overcome the new obstacle, even going so far as to curse under his breath. He concieves an idea, some sort of an "inverted fall," or in a more common wording, a jump. Thomas decides to put this idea to the test and he attempts to overcome the obstacle using the Great Inverted Fall Mystery.


Thomas jumps for the first time and finds that he is able to get over the block quite easily. He rejoices, calling out that he has solved the Great Inverted Fall Mystery. He continues in the level and comes to face a staircase. With the ability to jump now his, he is able to climb the staircase with ease and reach the next portal.


  • This marks the first time the player is required to jump in the game
  • After solving this mystery, Thomas begins to enjoy jumping tremendously
  • The block Thomas encounters is too large for Chris or other small characters to jump over