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Thomas was alone is a indie puzzle platformer video game created by Mike Bithell. The game originally released as a Flash-based browser game in October 2010. The game was expanded and released to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems in July 2012. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions with new content were released in April 2013,[1] while a Linux version was released as part of the game's inclusion in a Humble Bundle in May 2013. The game was released for iPad devices in May 2014, and for other iOS devices and Android devices in July 2014. The game was also released on PlayStation 4, Wii U andXbox One in November 2014.

In the game, the player controls one or more simple shapes representing several out-of-control artificial intelligence entities, working with the shapes to get to a goal. Each shape is characterised with a unique name and personality, including the main character Thomas, which are conveyed to the player through the use of a narrator, voiced by Danny Wallace and whose performance earned the game a BAFTA Games Award. Most versions of the game have 10 scenarios, with 10 levels within each scenario. The Wii U version has 11 scenarios.

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