The white arrow above Team Jump, signaling that the middle is the one being controlled by the player.

The White Arrow is the small icon that appears above the character that the player is currently controlling. It is above at least one character at all times, first appearing above Thomas in Spawn 0.1. It is a part of the game that could not be left out or overlooked as without the use of this small arrow, confusion could result from not being aware of which quadralateral, or character, was being controlled at a given time.



The white arrow positioned above Claire.

The White Arrow is a small inverted triangle pointing towards the currently controlled character.


It never changes size, an example being that it is the same size above Sarah as it is above Claire. It is present in every level of the game.


The white arrow is only used for notifying the player to which character he or she is in control of. This helps to avoid confusion, especially when playing as characters such as Team Jump. It is an integral part of the game that could not be done without.


  • The white arrow is not a solid object. This is founded when noticing that is phases through blocks and other thing when it appears above James
  • Character may not even know it is there, making it exclusively visible to the player